Thursday, October 26, 2017

Finding the Strong Beat

In Kindergarten, 1st,, and 2nd grade, I work on helping students feel the steady beat and the strong beat. We do the beat on our laps, saying beat is steady to various songs.

A favorite song for learning the strong beat is called "Frog in the Middle”. We pat our laps on the strong beat. It is challenging from some students not to tap the rhythm (the way the words go). The green frogs represent the strong beat.

I love to read a fun frog book, such as "Frog on a log” to get the kids thinking about frogs. I love how this book rhymes too. (Affiliate links included)

I then get out a fun frog puppet and have him jump on my hand on the strong beat and on the students’ hands.

I found these fun frogs to jump on at the dollar store last year. They have been a great way for kids to learn to jump on the strong beat, especially at the end of the song when they sing, “can’t catch me”. Instead of keeping a steady beat and only jumping on “can’t and me”, some kids want to jump on the rhythm “can’t catch me”. 

Having students Jump on my eight frogs helps students to really feel the strong beat. For students who find this challenging, I walk along beside them and clap on the beat. I have the rest of the class keep the beat on their laps at the same time as singing.

Once every student has done the strong beat on the 8 frogs (about 6-8 each time the students come), we form a circle having students face the same direction. I put my person of the day in the middle to act as the frog. Students jump on the strong beat. On the last word, the frog catches someone, who then becomes the new frog.

I could jump in the circle with the kids or on the outside of the circle, but to save my sanity and energy, especially since I am usually learning this with 1st grade and reviewing it with 2nd grade, I hold my hand up in the air flat while the other hand with my puppet jumps on it like a frog to the steady beat. It helps the students to see what they should be doing. I also find students who are “getting it” and point them out, complimenting them on their steady strong beat.

You probably won’t be able to find these cool flat frogs I found at the dollar store right now, so I have made some you can print and laminate for your students. Find them at the end of this post. 

I did find some cool spider ones yesterday at the dollar store. You can often find other similar pieces at the dollar tree. Just change your rhythm and words to fit the song. For the spider pieces I found, we will sing, “spider in the middle, spider in the sea, spider in the middle, can’t catch me!” This will be so fun for Halloween!

I just got these today (November 11th 2017) at the dollar store. They have these felt like pieces (about 1-2 feet tall) all of the time! I bought 8 of each and plan to have a strong beat canon with them. 

We could also derive the rhythm of each one. We could then compare and sort the rhythms that are alike. 

In case you can't afford to buy any of those fun dollar store pieces or can never find them, I have made some other fun ones to use in different seasons or even with different songs. You could obviously make enough for your whole class if you wanted to. Grab these for FREE in my Teachers Pay Teachers store with directions on using this song for strong beat. 

I hope you enjoy working on the strong beat! Get my FREE Strong Beat pack here. 

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