Sunday, June 2, 2013

Master Note Reader

I have tweaked my recorder program so that it is running well and for the past five years, every 5th grader has achieved a black belt in recorder, a major accomplishment. Get my black belt program free HERE.   Many have passed off 20 to 70 more songs and most are able to read notes well by the end. One thing I need to do to improve the program is to get more students reading notes before we start recorder, especially those who struggle at reading.

I designed a Master Note Reader card for 4th and 5th grade to post on a bulletin board once they reach a certain goal, which I have yet to decide. It is business card size. It works wonders and kids are so motivated by earning this card. You could give it to students or post on a bulletin board as they earn them and then send them home when all have earned it. I have edited this to now add more grades.

Also Check out my Zombie Note Attack packs that has lots of note reading tools, plus zombie master note reader cards.